$wpsc_version = 169; toyota exploding sunroof recall
Guess I know what I’m doing on my day off. Nothing hit the roof of the car and there were nothing except other vehicles stopped at the street light. Fortunately, I had the shade closed, and comprehensive coverage with insurance; so they paid $1,500+ to replace it. '> When she was finally able to pull over in order to determine the cause, she was shocked to find that the sunroof had shattered, scattering hundreds of tiny glass shards over the shade guard – which fortunately, had been closed at the time. Panoramic sunroofs have been increasing in popularity since first appearing on American vehicles in the mid-2000s. It was scary and cost me 1000 dollars to fix because they refused to accept it was a flaw. Consumer Reports recently analyzed more than 20 years of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which shows the problem spiked in 2015, with shattered sunroofs reported in at least 208 models across 35 brands. We looked around but saw nothing. Last moon roof I will ever own.