The new trichrome based treatments with or without a sealer, can withstand more than 96 hours in NSST. arnell says that it appears to be the correct original plating. The process may be done in plating barrels or by racking the individual parts, and usually involves cleaning, activating, zinc plating, chromate conversion coating, and drying -- …

Great Lakes Metal Finishing, Inc has two zinc yellow plating options; trivalent yellow and hexavalent yellow. If you do not know what is needed for your part, we will collaborate with you to find the appropriate zinc nickel or zinc electroplating that is necessary. The kit is ideal for plating items such as nuts, bolts and brackets.

We offer zinc plating that can provide a protective coating for nuts, bolts, screws, metal brackets and other essential parts. No matter the plating thickness, bake cycle, chromate, or salt spray requirement, GLMF will deliver exactly what is required to meet your specifications. The finish has outstanding resistance to salt spray, greatly surpasses the normal 96 hour salt spray resistance specified for yellow chromates on zinc. It is used industrially in chromate conversion coatings, having been developed by the Ford Motor Company in the 1920s. RoHS compliant plating is available for both internal and external products.

SPC is your source for cost-effective zinc plating solutions that can be customized to the needs of your industrial or manufacturing operation.

Our zinc chromate plating lines offer clear zinc, yellow zinc, black zinc and olive zinc finishes to the exacting requirements of our customers for corrosion resistance and appearance. The following table gives some of the possible causes for a dull plate. Yellow or Clear Zinc Chromate Coatings.

We provide zinc plating for products ranging from as small as a 1/16inch rivet to … Each of these steps requires process control. The passivate is a chromate conversion coating that, when diluted properly is enough to make 9 litres and used as a dip coating.

Gatto Industrial Platers provides customers with RoHS compliant zinc plating that are inspected and certified to ensure you are receiving the best plating protection at a great price.

Zinc Plating, is the largest of our facilities here at our headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent and has been the backbone of our continued growth. The yellow hexchrome based post treatment for zinc plating is out.

Salt spray resistance may be highly enhanced using one of the top … The passivation on zinc plating determines its final colour - we can offer no passivation, clear passivation (blue tinted, trivalent) or colour passivation (yellow ] iridescent, hexavalent).