When a call arrives, slide Answer to the right to answer it. When you reject a call, the caller will hear a busy signal or be diverted to your voicemail. ; Select the Video button to answer with video.For incoming video calls, you can select to answer it as a video call or audio only. You'll see an incoming call notification screen where you can: Select the Call button to answer the call as an audio call. If you're signed into Skype, you can receive calls. Note: You can tap the speakerphone icon any time during the call to enter into speakerphone mode Dialing from recents, contacts, and with a 10-digit number Recent calls will show up on the main page of the dialer app, simply tap the recent entries there to call them. Here's how to answer your iPhone using your AirPods: Double tap the outside of your AirPod to answer the call. Mute the Ringing Sound. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Share guide: Link copied! Check out the video below on how to do it. In case you want the Tap to answer feature back, you can do that by going to Settings on your Samsung phone. Then, go to Accessibility > Interaction & Dexterity>Assistant Menu. Tap the Volume key when you get a call. Android 9.0. Open the default Phone app. And, if you so desire, tap the slider to turn ON the option “Press Power key to end calls.” It will turn green. As part of Galaxy Features to support better accessibility for people with determination, the Single tap feature in answering phone calls was made available. The call begins. Tap the upper or lower part of the Volume key when you get a call. Skip to Optus Navigation; ... Samsung Galaxy A50 Change device. The incoming call alert is silenced but the call … 2. Reject an Incoming Call.

Owners manual page 56 You might be able to get to this from the dialer by pressing the Menu key and continuing from there (I don't have my SIII yet) To end the call, tap End. Choose network mode. Set up your mobile phone for SMS ... Answer a call Tap and drag the accept call icon right. Answer an Incoming Call. To Answer a phone call on a Samsung phone, you'll need to touch the Green Call Icon and drag your finger outside of the circle. On AirPods Pro, touch the force sensor. You’ll have several options to choose from. 5. Newest Android Devices. Use music player. Mute the Ringing Sound. To hang up the call, you’ll also double tap your AirPod. The call ends. To mute the ringer without rejecting the call, you can do either of the following: Press the Volume key down. Application list / Phone / Menu key / Call Settings / Call answering-ending Answering Key to set Home key to answer calls.