It is excellent in quality for dessert or for baking or other culinary uses.

Fruit size is medium to large and somewhat conical in shape.
They have smooth but tough greenish-yellow skin, flushed with light and dark red. Sweet Winesap originated in Pennsylvania in the late 1890’s and was grown extensively in New York.The apple was not widely grown in the South and was listed by only three Virginia nurseries between 1858 and 1928.

The story of Sweet Winesap. Skin tough, smooth, pale yellow or greenish nearly overspread with bright light red with carmine stripes. Sweet Winesap are medium to large-sized, slightly conical apples. The smooth, tough skin is greenish-yellow mostly covered with light red and carmine striping. Inside, they have firm, crisp, juicy, finely-textured white flesh with very sweet, good flavour. Sweet Winesap is a 19th century from the U.S. northeast. Here’s another old variety with a confusing name. Pennsylvania, to be exact. A little known yet likeable apple. However it remains a respected and popular garden apple tree, with the additional advantage of having blossom that is unusually red by apple standards. The clean, white flesh … Flesh nearly white, firm, rather fine, moderately crisp, tender, juicy, distinctly sweet, good to very good. Commercially Winesap was eclipsed during the 20th century by varieties such as Red Delicious, and to some extent by one of its own offspring Stayman (Stayman's Winesap) which has many of Winesap's qualities but a sweeter flavor.