It's a very summer song, but it didn't become a hit until early winter, charting at #9 in America on November 13. Popular song by the the 90's band "Len". "Steal My Sunshine" first appeared in March 1999 on the soundtrack of the movie Go staring Katie Holmes. Women's "cycles" are entrained on a 28 day rhythm. It was included on Len's album You Can't Stop The Bum Rush in May and released as a single in July. I always heard that song (Len - Steal My Sunshine) was referring to drugs. General Comment"tribal lunar-speak" is the key to the lyrics of the song.The female singer is referring to the "tribe" women belong to. Released in 1999 on the album "You can't beat the bum rush". Not sure which kind, though. Because of all the nostalgia-bomb '90s pop hits in heavy rotation on karaoke machines across the nation, "Steal My Sunshine" holds the rare distinction of … During the month 400-600 million little critters may enter "paradise" or Hell (=Her) and that may happen several times during a typical cycle from several different donors.