Get the best delicious, easy-to-make potato salad recipes and ideas for summer parties, picnics and potlucks from Food Network. The classic ingredients for potato salad are hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard (or yellow mustard), dill pickle relish, red onion, and celery.I usually skip the miracle whip and make my own homemade mayonnaise.These elements create a balance of creaminess, tangy, sweet and crunchy textures. ; The top left of the recipe card indicates the number of servings for this recipe, six.

Potato Salad Ingredients: Alright, let’s talk ingredients! Make a big bowl of potato salad on Friday, and you’ll have a … 1/2 cup of potato salad per person is a good amount to plan on when making this recipe for groups and BBQ’s. Bring to a boil and cook until fork tender. Drain and cool. It’s a summer classic destined for backyard barbecues, family celebrations, and picnics. To make this Southern potato salad recipe, you will need: Potatoes: I prefer buttery Yukon Gold potatoes for this recipe, but Russets or red potatoes would also work well too. Feel free to peel your potatoes if you do not like the skins, but I always leave them in because I like the extra texture that they add. The essential ingredients. Peel cooked potatoes and cut into small chunks. ; Adjusting the number of servings for this recipe can be adjusted if you click on the number of servings on the recipe card and move the slider up or down.
This old-fashioned recipe for Easy Potato Salad has probably been passed down by our grandmas for generations. Wonderful as it is or make it … In a large pot, add potatoes and water to cover.

How Much Potato Salad Per Person. Just a good old fashioned, down home potato salad recipe that brings back memories of picnics in the park and family gatherings.