Apart from the fact that they came into our garden (without asking) and hacked down a load of shrubs which were clearly … 10 years ago, and is planted right on the boundary line between my garden and the neighbour's garden. You need to plant your birch trees where the soil will be shaded, cool, and moist. Golden brown on twigs and young branches, the bark matures to silvery white with black clefts.

On the other hand, birch trees require sunshine on their leaves to grow well. Tolerant of a range of temperatures, it grows as far south as Spain and as far north as Lapland. But this should only be done if absolutely necessary. Birch trees can be propagated easily by using cuttings from young, healthy birch trees. The tree 'self planted' there, I've been told approx. Betula pendula, commonly called silver birch or European white birch, is a graceful medium-sized tree with slender pendulous branches and attractive bark. The Betula family includes dozens of types of birch trees in addition to the popular silver birch. Silver birch is a popular garden tree and often hybridises with our other native birch, the downy birch, Betula pubescens, which is more common in Scotland. Water the tree with 1 … These strong roots can buckle concrete sidewalks and driveways, make mowing a pain or cause other problems that makes it necessary to cut a birch tree's roots. Betula pendula, commonly known as silver birch, warty birch, European white birch, or East Asian white birch, is a species of tree in the family Betulaceae, native to Europe and parts of Asia, though in southern Europe, it is only found at higher altitudes. The roots and a very small part of the bottom of the tree occupy most of the neighbour’s side. Silver Birch is a fast growing, striking, medium-sized deciduous tree that grows about 15 to 25 m (49 to 82 ft.) tall (exceptionally up to 31 meters (102 ft.)) with a slender trunk usually under 40 cm (16 in) diameter. Introduction To River Birch Tree. Few trees are more spectacular in winter than birches (Betula). The rule is that the extent of a tree's main root system extends out to what we call the dripline. For a maximum birch tree lifespan, find a site where the tree’s roots are in cool soil but its leaves are in the sun for a good part of the day. My neighbours have decided to put a fence along their boundary with our house. All have shallow roots that mandate moist soil. Previous Next. Discussion in 'General Gardening Discussion' started by Kathy535, Aug 2, 2009. Its range extends into Siberia, China, and southwest Asia in the mountains of northern Turkey, the Caucasus, and northern Iran. Multiply that number by 6. Kathy535 Gardener. Joined: Mar 26, 2008 Messages: 50 Ratings: +0. Birch tend to produce shallow roots that spread out over a large area. By carefully following the proper steps, within a single season you can have newly grown birch trees ready to plant and thrive for years to come. Cutting through the roots of a silver birch. The plant is found growing in dry and moist forests, eskers, rocky hills, drained mires, various marginal scrub, also a park and forestry tree. jacquemontii, Betula ermanii, Betula dahurica, Betula albosinensis, Betula nigra . River Birch trees are native to South Eastern United State and as the name represents they are mainly found along the rivers and streams sides having inadequately drained soil. If absolutely necessary, you may cut one root but no more. Betula pendula (Silver Birch) is a popular native tree that makes an impact in any garden with its elegant silver bark and gracefully weeping branches. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of this particular characteristic of birch trees before its too late. 25-30ft high. Underplanting Birches Betula, Birches, Betula pendula, Betula utilis, Betula utilis var. … The silver bark develops contrasting dark fissures and cracks with age that add interest and make each tree unique.

Most offer papery white bark and delicate, spring-green leaves. It is a deciduous and fast-growing tree or shrub. Do not cut any of your birch tree's roots within a circle whose radius in inches is that number. The primary function of these roots is to stabilize the tree and hold it upright. Smooth in young trees, the bark gets rugged at the base in older trees. We have a silver birch tree at the bottom of our 40ft garden, which is approx. If you dropped a line straight down from the most outer edge of the canopy, that is the drip line. River Birch is a semi-aquatic plant and is a landscape tree due to its rich colours and appealing drooping branches. Because they are softwood trees, they will root quickly and without much fuss.