But after all of this hands-on learning it’s okay to pull out a few! Click Share to make it public.

♥ Word Sort – Sort the pictures by whether that have a short o sound.

If the short o sound appears to be a sound the student needs knowledge on, go to https://phonics-teaching.com and find & print the short o words poster.

♥ Find the Words – Find 9 short o words in the picture and write them in the boxes. Short o word family houses; Short o word slider cards; Short o word family mats; Short o four-in-a-row games; Short o roll & read games; We don’t want to overdo the worksheets. Students will consolidate reading and spelling cvc words with a medial vowel of o eg rob, mop, jog. Keep reading and grab your free copy below! Short o worksheet pack. ♥ Cooking Maze – Color all of the short o words to make your way through the maze. You might also like these cvc word blog posts: The Ultimate Guide to CVC Words , Teaching CVC Words in 7 Simple Steps

CVC Words Worksheets: Short O Sound This is the fourth blog post sharing my collection of printable CVC worksheets that I designed to teach preschool and elementary school students to read basic English words. Place the poster in a loose leaf folder to create a book or personal sounds the student needs to work on. This section contains spelling sheets for CVC word like cat, bed, dog, bug, and fin. This word search on short O CVC words also doubles as a coloring sheet!

; Explore the poster together. Tap a pair of tiles at a time to reveal if they are a match.. job, top, mop, dog, lot, fox, Make an interactive teaching resource in one minute.

In this teaching resource, there are 18 different phonics worksheet templates with multiple pages for each template to accommodate all of the short o CVC words taught in kindergarten and first grade. CVC Ice cream words - medial o words BOOM Cards – Digital Task Cards Learning how to read and spell cvc words will be sweet with this deck of CVC Ice cream word Boom Cards™.

You might call them phonetic words. ♥ Making Words – Use the letters to build some CVC words.

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Complete a running record or a student.

This First CVC Words Just click, print, and copy! These words are words that have a consonant +short vowel + consonant combination. I wouldn’t say there’s a specific order you need to follow, but for most kids this is an order that is from easy to hard: short a words, short o words, short i … Practice the onset & rime.