Salt licks come handy in order to fulfill the missing nutrients. Finding the Best Option For Deer. And they seem a good way of finding out what deer are in the area. Deer Licks: Corn vs. Salt vs. Minerals. 25 LB SWEETIX RACK DEER BLOCK. And so are food plots left standing for wildlife.

A salt block can be purchased from a feed supply store and set out specifically to attract deer.

“Where salt licks or mineral blocks are put out, obviously deer congregate, and that is bad enough,” Wolfgang explained. EXPRIMIR Himalayan Salt Lick for All Animals – 100% Natural Pure Salt Block on Rope for Horses, Deer, Goats, Rabbits, Cattle and Livestock – Long Lasting – 6 lbs (2.72 kgs) / Pink Salt Lick by EXPRIMIR

PRISM SALT Himalayan Animal Lick Salt - Natural Pure Pink Salt Block on a Rope for Horses, Deer, Goats, Cattle,Rabbits - 6.5~8 LBS (2 Pack) 5 out of 5 stars 7 $25.00 $ 25 . The use of mineral licks by deer and other species, and the continuous deposition of prions via saliva, feces and urine from infected animals [18–19,22,40–41] suggests mineral licks may serve as important focal points for environmental transmission of CWD. Write the first review. The deer baiting laws in Virginia do not categorize food plots as bait. “But what’s worse is that after being exposed to rain and snow, the minerals leach into the surrounding ground, and then for years deer bite and chew at the dirt. They need it just as much then so their bodies can adapt to the cold winter months. With this in mind, it is illegal to use bait in Virginia or occupy a blind with bait or any other baited place for purposes of hunting. This is also why mineral licks make excellent trail camera spots in the summer.

All Categories. Write the first review. Sort By: Price: High to Low. $24.99 Online / In Store 217516. Corn has long been a common attractant for deer. We have been making our own salt licks and mineral licks for years so I wanted to share our recipe on how to make your own salt lick attractant.
Back to all Agriculture View all Agriculture products. Animals require salt and minerals in their diets, and will seek out the foods that naturally provide those needs.

In the wild, salt is quite scarce, especially to an herbivore. And what sucess they have at bring in the deer. 1 12LB TROPHY ROCK DEER LICK.

Cattle. $24.99 Online / In Store 217516. $24.99 Online / In Store 213252. Incidental feeding of wildlife within active livestock farming areas is not considered baiting. Watch patiently from cover until the deer come out. This makes for a stunning piece of artwork to hang over the fireplace. Salt and mineral blocks set out for domestic livestock commonly attract deer. Salt Licks.

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More Information. If a stump is nearby sprinkle a little on top of it to help the deer find the lick quicker. Lures containing cervid urine or any other bodily fluids are also outlawed.