The lese-majeste law, or article 112 of Thailand's criminal code, protects the most senior members of the royal family from insult or threat. The royal pardon comes after King Mohammed VI granted his pardon to 262 people on the eve of the King and People's Revolution Day on August 20. It is illegal to defame, insult, or threaten the king, queen, heir-apparent, or regent.The lèse-majesté law has been on the statute books since 1908. Political Prisoners in Thailand. royal pardon definition: 1. an official order given by a king or queen to stop the punishment of a person accused of a crime…. The chairman assured him of all possible support but said: 'If you want royal pardon then the foreign ministry is prepared but if you file a review petition then option for pardon will be eliminated. Around the same time, there was speculation that the junta was able to obtain private chat logs of Facebookers.

Prisoners wait to be released from Bang Kwang Central Prison in Bangkok. A KALASIN couple jailed since 2017 for forest encroachment left prison one year early yesterday as beneficiaries of a royal pardon. Formally, in Commonwealth realms , this has been delegated to the governor-general of the realm, which in practice means to government ministers who advise the monarch or viceroy, usually those responsible for justice. In Thailand, lèse majesté is criminalized by Section 112 of the Thai Criminal Code.

I appreciate the appeal of the idea for any number of Thailand’s key political players if they become convinced that, one-way-or-another, Thaksin is coming home. This depends on the discretion of His Majesty the King as stated in Section 221 and 225 of the Constitution (B.E.

The pardon may be either in the form of an unconditional release, a commutation or reduction of punishment. In 2016, Facebook blocked users in Thailand from accessing a page satirizing Thailand’s royal family, citing the lèse-majesté law. The pardon may be either in the form of an unconditional releas... Royal Pardon | Thai Prison Life – ชีวิตในเรือนจำ Sharp-tongued politician Chuvit Kamolvisit is among about 30,000 prisoners who are expected to be freed under a royal pardon, Corrections Department chief Kobkiat Kasiwat says. The pardon may be either in the form of an unconditional release, a commutation or reduction of punishment. KALASIN: A mushroom-picking couple has been released from prison on a royal pardon by His Majesty the King. Home About us; Pending & acquitted cases; Convictions; Commentary; Take Action ; Sondhi’s royal pardon 5 09 2019. Learn more. Royal Pardon is the granting of pardon to a person inflicted the punishment. The royal pardon was also granted to prisoners aged over 60 who had served not less than five years or at least one-third of their jail terms, as well to inmates under 20 years of age who had done more than half their sentences or had less than two years left to serve.