My husband was skeptical that they would hold the plates well, but after hanging them over a month ago, we have had zero issues and the hangers are still securely in place. Number of Pieces. Step 4: Figure Out the Best Plate Hangers for You and Hang Them Up! Step 4: Hang the plates on picture hangers.

Width. Wall-mounted plate hangers - People who dont have adequate counter space may want to invest in wall-mounted plate hangers to hang their plates on the wall. HD Stainless Steel Hangers are available individually or in discounted sets. Available in three sizes: 5"-7", 7"-10", and 10"-14".

Categories. With it's nickle plated spring, this hanger can stretch to fit a variety of large plates and the stainless steel hooks hold your plates safely and securely. Although heavy duty hangers might work for plates and bowl that weigh more than 6 pounds, it is not recommended because the wire might sag and the springs might stretch out of shape. Clothes Hangers Picture Hangers & Kits Tableware Plates See more product categories.

They hold even LARGE and heavy plates and come in a variety of sizes. Professional Picture Hanger for easy installation on drywall and plaster wall surfaces. Plate Hangers (3) OOK® Plate Hangers hold your most treasured plates securely.

Collectors can choose between individual hangers, which are designed to hold one plate, and multi-plate styles, which are designed to hold up to eight plates at once. You can read our tutorial post on How to Hang Something Heavy. Condition. After you finish securing your templates, attach the plate hangers to your dishes. Heavy duty hangers are needed for plates weighing more than 2 - 3 pounds.

Go for an elegant display with a spring-style hanger, which holds your plate in place with springs and hooks. Jul 15, 2012 - Heavy Duty plate and platter hangers.

- 7 in.

The adhesive hangers are easy, inexpensive (between 50-80 cents/plate), reliable and removable: The perfect mix! Length - Side to Side. 1 - 10 11 - 25. Top 10 Questions about Disc Plate Hangers (Part 1 of 2) January 17, 2016. Standard HD hanger - Platters to 19.5" 1 x HD hanger = $31.90ea 2 x HD hanger = $23.80ea 3 x HD hanger = $17.95ea and less.

Then, nail the hooks into the wall to hang your plates. OOK 5 in.

10 in. 1 to 9 10 to 15 16 to 30 31 and Up. Safe hanging of large platters.

2″ for plates up to 6 in diameter. Larger plate hangers come in vertical and horizontal options. to 15 in.

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