The Master of Professional Accounting is extremely popular for a number of reasons: Graduates of accounting benefit from high employment prospects.
You may also be able to complete a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on accounting.

Personal Statement: Master of Professional Accounting Personal Statement: Master of Professional Accounting . Enjoy accelerated opportunities to achieve your professional ambitions with an MBA curriculum and a fast track to CPA accreditation. With accreditations from 10 different government, academic and regulatory bodies, including ISCA, CPA (AU), ACCA, ICAEW and more, the SMU MPA will open global career opportunities.
MMPA - Unleash Your Professional Potential! Management and Professional Accounting; Program Overview. Master of Professional Accounting . My interest in Master of Professional Accounting dates back to my 7 months’ certificate program in Accounting Technology, and actual knowledge that I have acquired during my Bookkeeping position at the Freight Forwarding company where I currently work. The objective of the Master of Management & Professional Accounting (MMPA) is to educate future leaders of the accounting profession at the master’s level in management and at the professional level in accounting, assurance, tax, finance, performance management, and related subjects such as management skills and professional … Internationally Recognised Professional Degree.

The Master of Professional Accounting is offered full-time and part-time at the Nathan campus. You will usually hear ‘Masters in Accounting’ referred to in one of three ways: Master of Accounting (MAcc or MAc), Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcy, MPA, MPAc or MPAcc) or Master of Science in Accounting (MSA). Completing a Master of Professional Accounting (Professional Practice) can lead to a wide range of career opportunities in small, medium and large organisations. As a graduate, you may become a financial accountant, management accountant, financial auditor, tax auditor/preparer, business/financial analyst, or work in a large multinational company or 'Big Four' accounting firm. The Master of Professional Accounting explores all aspects of business, financial and management accounting as well as providing you with the skills you need to work within the profession. The Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) is designed to meet the global demand for high-quality graduates in accounting. Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) The SMU Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) is a graduate qualification that has received accreditation from various regulatory and professional bodies such as ACCA, CIMA, CPA Australia, ICAA, ICAEW, ISCA and IMA. High Graduate Employability. Learn more. MMPA is a life-long investment in yourself and your career. My career opportunities You will be qualified for work in government administration, business planning, cost and management accounting, auditing, information systems, taxation, finance and banking, stockbroking, treasury, foreign exchange, superannuation, consulting, insurance, and manufacturing.