The wings are a tangy way to heat up a … The cranberry sauce … These quick and easy cranberry sauce smoothies are a great way to use up any leftover cranberry sauce you have. Recipe by: Fioa "Want a great way to use up leftover cranberry sauce? This smoothie is a delicious way to use up leftover cranberry sauce. If you have leftover cranberry sauce, try baking muffins with it, spreading it on your favorite sandwich, blending it into a smoothie, folding it into cream for a dessert, or braising meat with … Leftover cranberry sauce blends with bananas and yogurt to create a rich and creamy smoothie that is perfect for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages. I have to admit, I tend to over-cranberry my turkey…like, the whole reason I’m interested in turkey is because of cranberry sauce. 0 made it | 0 reviews | 0 photos. I have leftover sauce… They are a great way to use Thanksgiving leftovers, but are so good that I would make a new batch of cranberry sauce … Here are 20 ways to use leftover cranberry sauce!

In the bowl above, I blitzed some of the cranberry sauce with an immersion blender and swirled it into vanilla bean yogurt. Cranberries are highly acidic and your sauce can stay safe in your refrigerator for weeks without going bad. And since my 7-year old daughter has been asking for scones, I decided to use my leftover cranberry sauce … This Walnut Cranberry Apple Smoothie brings together the tartness of fresh, plump cranberries, the juicy sweetness of apple, the rich nuttiness of walnuts and a hint of cinnamon warmth. Learn how to use leftover cranberry in a variety of everyday ways (like as jam on toast) and in a whole bunch of delicious recipes. Chicken wings get special treatment from cranberry sauce, a little citrus and a touch of hot sauce in this no-fuss recipe. Boy am I glad I chose the easy route because this smoothie is Awesome!
The beauty about leftover cranberry sauce is that is lasts!

I adore fresh fruit sauces swirled into a bowl of yogurt and granola. …
Leftover Turkey Spring Rolls with Cranberry Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce Cooked turkey meat gets an Asia-meets-Thanksgiving flavor when you roll it into prepared spring roll wrappers with stir-fried cabbage and garlic, then bake until crisp and serve with a cranberry-flavored dipping sauce. It has the Zing from the cranberry and the Cool Creaminess from the greek yogurt.Use whatever cranberry sauce that you make for the holidays. Just add the cranberry sauce to your favourite muffin or loaf recipe, or try my recipe for Banana Cranberry Sauce … Cranberry sauce totally is the glue that holds the holiday feast together. Vegan Cranberry Banana Smoothie . 128. I used my leftover Christmas cranberry sauce that was a blend of cranberry, orange, sugar and honey. Try this vegan banana smoothie that uses dairy-free … Because breakfast loves cranberries. 1.

Let’s start off right away with the morning after the feast. These Leftover Cranberry Sauce Crumble Bars are a sweet and tangy treat that you can make the day after Thanksgiving. I’ve tested the recipe with store-bought canned cranberry sauce and it works as well. In addition to a heaping cup of cranberry sauce, blend in oats … One of my favourite ways to use up leftover cranberry sauce is to add it to muffins and quick breads. To make these parfaits you’ll need your favorite yogurt (plain or vanilla Greek is a good choice), leftover cranberry sauce, honey, and your favorite granola or cereal (having a mix of options is fun!). I bet so many of us have a bowl of plastic-wrap-covered cranberry sauce in the fridge right around now and we’re googling to find out what we can do with it. My mom uses the cranberry sauce recipe from Two Peas and their Pod and then freezes the leftovers to make this smoothie. If Rachael Ray is the self-proclaimed Burger Queen then I am the self-proclaimed Smoothie Queen.