pictum) and all associated cultivars have become very popular components in the part shade and shade garden.These textural perennials (hardy to zone 4) offer quite a color contribution that helps brighten up gardens that become less reliant on blooms and thereby more reliant on foliage coloration. JAPANESE PAINTED FERN Athyrium niponicum 'Pictum' Beautiful silvery grey, red and blue fronds to 50cm. Athyrium niponicum, commonly known as Oriental ladyfern and Japanese painted fern is a species of fern native to eastern Asia.. Cold hardy. This deciduous fern has a creeping rhizome and a tuft-shape array of fronds. RAY WATER FERN Blechnum fluviatile Ideal rockery or shady garden plant.

Japanese painted fern is a lot different from the plain green ferns that many gardeners are most familiar with, such as the interrupted fern (Osmunda claytoniana).True to its name, Japanese painted fern is more colorful, offering triangular, silvery leaves (called "fronds," technically) that sport an arching habit. Fronds to 50cm in beautiful rosette. Likes rich loam in dappled sunlight. Fantastic coloured fronds on this form of the Japanese painted fern, pewter to silver with ruby veining. Keep well watered.

A large genus of deciduous ferns, most originating from northern temperate regions. A very important group of ferns for the shady garden. Athyrium- Lady Fern From the Greek ‘Atharos’ ( = good breeder). Jan 15, 2013 - Explore annabelle12345's board "Ferns" on Pinterest. Price: (2 or fewer plants) £4.60 Price: (3 or more plants) £4.20 Fronds are generally delicate in appearance and feathery. The Japanese painted fern (Athyrium niponicum var. These ferns are generally easy to grow from spores. This species was redefined as a member of genus Anisocampium in 2011 based on phylogenetic analyses., but the genus has since been sunk into Athyrium.. Despite their appearance the hardy species are reliably tough and easy to … See more ideas about Ferns, Plants, Shade garden.