India Knows Its Invasive Species Problem But This Is Why Nobody Can Deal With it Properly. Panel formed to suggest ways to weed out invasive species . Drive to uproot invasive plant species .

Invasive species are normally considered to come from outside a given ecosystem. What are Invasive Species? Wilson Thomas Coimbatore, February 22, 2018 07:58 IST Updated: February 23, 2018 16:57 IST Share … species becomes a breeding ground for the mosquitoes. An invasive species is one that is not native and whose introduction causes harm, or is likely to cause harm to Michigan's … Articles on invasive species, Complete Coverage on invasive species Latest invasive species News and Updates, Special Reports, Videos & Photos of invasive species on The Hindu BusinessLine. V. Rama Rao of Sabari Green Foundation, says, “ For more than a decade, we have been urging the State Government to rejuvenate the lake. In 2001, economists pegged the costs of damages caused by invasive species … But a study by researchers from the Indian Institute of Science Research and … Invasive alien species are species of plants, animals and microbes which move out of their native location into alien locations and cause economic, ecological and health damage. Of the 58 invasive species found on land and in freshwater, there were 31 species of arthropods, 19 of fish, three of molluscs and birds, one reptile and two mammals.