Now I can’t tell you for the life of me why I didn’t add pockets to the #206 Ladies Retro Gym Shorts pattern to start with. Then refer to Let's make boardshorts! Take a pair of your childs shorts or a good fitting pair of trousers and use these to create the pattern. Topstitch top edge of pocket so the hem stays in place. To make these, follow the instructions in the photos. Pockets! Pin the pocket onto the shorts, and topstitch in place around 3 sides, making sure to backstitch at beginning and end. But I thought it presented a good opportunity to do a post about adding pockets to, not only this pattern, but to pretty much any knit shorts (or pants for that matter) pattern that you have. That have the essential treasure hunting pockets? Here I will show you how to sew a pocket into a side seam. life is just better with pockets. Match up the side seams and the pockets, then pin. This pocket can be added to anything made with a side seam, like dresses, shirts, shorts, pants and skirts. Cut around the pocket pattern, adding whatever seam allowance you prefer (I left 1/4"). Now it's time to sew the pockets. Here's how to make single welt pockets with no hand sewing. So cute! Allie from Freshly Completed shares a free pattern for making her Simple Shorts for a toddler girl.

The Busy Boy Shorts are all these things. Throw them on then load up the pockets with all your stuff! You can also sew up a pair of simple elasticated shorts without having to buy a pattern. This tutorial is specifically written for Katy and Laney's Tap Shorts sewing pattern [update: this sewing pattern is no longer available] but can be adapted for any single welt pocket.Can't wait to see all of your to-be-made single welt pockets! Hello everyone! They’re quick to make. How about a pair of boys shorts that fit awesomely with instructions to help you achieve a professional finish? Once you have your pockets on, come back here to see how to sew your shorts together. 6) Lastly press the seams and pockets towards the centre front of the skirt. How to make a simple pattern for a pair of kids shorts They also have front and back pockets. Free Patterns for Kids Shorts! Cut the waist elastic to 3/4 of the waist measurement, then sew about 9 inches drawstring ribbon or cord to each end of the elastic. Need a pair of boys shorts that are rough & tumble tested? My number one advice is (if possible and you know how to do it) to move the side seam a little… {Part 2} for the pocket pattern and instructions. Fold your pocket fabric into fourths, as you will need four layers to construct your two pockets.