Melon are a vigorous climber – leave them to sprawl on the ground or provide a strong frame as a support and net the fruits to support them. Extra-early Charentais. They are a tender annual, suited to growing in containers or growbags. Charentais is a very aggressive grower, producing many long vines, so it needs a lot of room – especially if you don’t grow it vertically. Growing Melons. Charentais melons, or French cantaloupes, develop sweet orange flesh and a smooth rind. The ripe fruits weigh 0.7-0.9 kg and have thick, orange, sweet-tasting flesh. To my surprise every seed sprouted.

But in the hot summer of 2006, newer varieties started to appear at seed company trial sites around the country. Melons are usually thought of as exotic fruit best suited to a heated greenhouse. The Honeydew melon originated from Asia, so a warm and humid growing environment is essential. Sowing instructions Sow at the end of April under glass in pots. Container Growing Melons: Melons are not a good choice for container growing. The best to start these seeds indoors on the windowsill in a heated propagator and transplanting them to larger pots when the seedlings have 3 - 4 pair true leaves. Geography/History The Charentais originated in the 1920's in the Poitou-Charentes region of western France. You need to water so that the plant never gets wet. How to Plant a Charentais Melon on a Trellis. How to Grow Melon ‘Charentais’, Gardening, Essex, UK Having been given 3 seeds of Melon ‘Charentais’ I sowed them in March. The differences between the melon types will determine their growth factor and required nutrients. Its salmon-colored flesh has a creamy texture with an ambrosial flavor. Melons are best to grow in the UK in a greenhouse, polytunnel or a very sunny conservatory. Melon, including watermelons, can be successfully grown in the UK. Some companies that sell the plant recommend only allowing three melons to grow on each vine at one time to get the best fruit.

Keep at 20°C.

How to Grow Charentais Melons. Our melon seeds are excellent quality, and we have many unusual seed varieties too to grow in a garden or allotment.

Melon Planting Calendar. Then its time to try growing melons - regain your friends and impress your neighbours with your horticultural skills. The seeds germinated easily and quickly. Its salmon-colored flesh has a creamy texture with an ambrosial flavor.

If you have an unheated greenhouse and are starting to lose you enthusiasm for cucumbers, and your friends no longer visit you in late summer to avoid the free tomatoes.

This will lower the risk of your melon plants …

Not wanting to grow 20 melon plants I have given some of the melon plants to friends, neighbours and relatives and kept six for myself. It was developed as a refined cantaloupe, free of natural and highly occurring warts of … 8-6 weeks before the last frost in spring: start seed indoors for plants that will be transplanted into a plastic tunnel in 4 weeks. Melons need plenty of warmth and good sunlight to grow and fruit well. This French gourmet melon is the only true cantaloupe. An annual festival the town of Saint-Georges-des-Coteaux honors the Charentais melon.

Melons are tender annuals producing climbing or scrambling growth, so they will need a fair amount of space and proper training to produce a worthwhile crop. Generally, the larger the melon, the longer the growing season. I would also suggest that you place your melon plants in an area where you haven’t recently grown any melons, pumpkins, courgettes or cucumbers. Growing instructions Grow on in a cold greenhouse up a string. When it comes to cantaloupes, some people agree that the French do it better. They are growing well and I hope to have a crop of melons to eat later on this year. Tip 2: Start your melon seedlings indoors. You just to need to rig a netting system to hold the fruit ( or put up a trellis) and make sure you guide the tendrils (the twirls of the vine) around the fencing you’re using.

The best way to water is with a drip irrigation system. Melons grow 6" in diameter and weigh 3-4 lb. 72 Days Select Packet $6.55 50 Seeds $20.24 100 Seeds $39.61 250 Seeds $80.67 500 Seeds $147.49 1,000 Seeds $275.24 5,000 Seeds $1,010.25 If you started reading this series at my container gardening post, you will remember that I mentioned you can grow any vine plant up to save space.

Other methods that have been employed in the past have included inserting a 3-inch pipe when planting so you can water directly to the roots with a watering can. Watering holds the key to successful melon growing. After a few weeks I transferred the seedlings into plant pots and put them in the greenhouse. How to grow melons Cultivation. They require significant room to spread and grow. Charentais melons typically take 70-90 days to mature.