Inaugurated as a department in 2001, Women's & Gender Studies has grown from offering a few courses at the University in 1973 to becoming one of the strongest interdisciplinary graduate … The University of Virginia's Department of Women Gender & Sexuality (WGS) invites applicants for a tenure track appointment as Assistant or Associate Professor of Sexuality Studies. Gender studies is interdisciplinary and cross-cultural in its approaches. Contacts for Department of Women and Gender Studies | LCA Response to COVID-19. The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies explores the universal scope of transnational feminism and the complexities of intersectionality—how an individual can face multiple threats of discrimination when their identities overlap a number of minority classes, such as race, gender, age, ethnicity, health and other characteristics.

Candidates’ field of specialization should fall within the areas of transnational sexuality studies and/or LGB. Department of Gender & Sexualities, Faculty for Social Wellbeing Rm 117, Ground Floor, Humanities B Building, University of Malta, Msida MSD 2080, Malta Department of Gender & Women's Studies (859)-257-1388 112 Breckinridge Hall 0056 Lexington KY 40506-0027 Women's and Gender Studies Department. The University of Utah Division of Gender Studies offers a space for the study of the interactions of gender with race, class, sexual orientation, and nationality; curricula that address men’s lives, masculinity, and the lives of people who identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community; and a wide range of feminist thought and practices. You are at image number 2 with caption : WGS 690 - … 1 Slideshow of 8 images. +356 2340 3956 The Department of Women and Gender Studies (WGST) at the University of Colorado Boulder offers an undergraduate bachelor of arts degree, minor, and certificate in Global Gender and Sexuality Studies as well as a graduate certificate for students enrolled in another disciplinary master’s or doctoral degree program. The Department of Women's and Gender Studies helps students develop theoretical, empirical, and methodological perspectives for studying the status and experiences of women.
Gender & Women’s Studies Department With challenging courses, accomplished and accessible faculty, exciting extracurricular events, and a range of opportunities for students to participate in teaching and research, our students are among the best and most active on campus.
Women's and Gender Studies engages students in a critical understanding of the complex ways gender shapes the world around them, particularly in relation to race, sexuality, class, and other social factors. The Department of Gender Studies practices interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research, teaching, and programming that advance our commitment to social justice and social change.