Flexible packages can take a variety of physical forms.

Surlyn film is used primarily in skin packaging applications, which means the film forms around the product and onto a carded substrate such as cardboard or paperboard during the packaging process. Other Packaging The other types of packaging in which film is found are stretch and shrink wrap. Dunmore's expertise has enabled partners to bring new, value added flexible packaging products to market.

Flexible polymer films in rolls; Flexible film has the ability to be customized, based on the specific needs of a particular product and at the same time responds to current sales … The packaging could be materialised into film, bubble wraps, … Put your best picture on this roll stock with rotogravure or flexo printing in up to 10 colors. … 4) Flexible Packaging. Let Victory Packaging be your one stop for all of your packaging needs. Be it moulding the packages into a variety of shapes or preserving the flavor and safety of food or logistical aspects, all are covered under the flexible packaging. Flexible Packaging Films. Types of Flexible Packaging Films Details Created on Sunday, 28 January 2018 20:01 Pyramid Packaging is a supplier of pre-opened poly bags in a wide range of film types for virtually any … It is used in a variety of applications ranging from overwrapping fresh meats to …

Our Flexible Food Packaging Solutions. Film, cast: Generally refers to films made by coating, or casting, a solution of a film former on an endless belt, drying the solvents, stripping the film from the belt and winding it up. Flexible Packaging is widely used … Multi-material flexible films contain different layers of materials (paper, plastic, film, foil, metallized or coated paper). Flexible packaging is made from easily yielding materials like polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and polyester. There are various types of lamination films and adhesives and laminations has many advantages over other packaging films. Flexible packaging can be made with flexible materials that can be packed, sealed and can retain the freshness of its content. Leading CPG’s, contract packagers, and mid-size manufacturers trust Glenroy’s flexible packaging films (also referred to as flexible packaging laminations or flexible packaging rollstock) because our flexible packaging performs consistently & reliably, arrives on time, and is accompanied by the top customer service and technical support in the industry. Polyethylene cast film refers to the film made by extruding the molten polyethylene through a flat … Types of flexible packaging. 4 Types of Flexible Packaging. Flexible Packaging magazine covers film extrusion, converting & printing for extruders, converters, printers & suppliers in the flexible packaging industry. … This material usually contains a sealant layer that bonds together with heat to create a sealed package. There are multiple types of adhesive lamination systems for flexible packaging, including solventless, solvent-based, and water-based. September 28, 2017 Polymer Packaging Inc., Polymer Packaging Products Films / Roll Stock – Flexible Packaging PPI has a vast inventory of different roll stock film, allowing you to create your own flexible packaging solution that fits your products specifications and needs. Flexible packaging equipment processes a layered (usually plastic) material called film to produce filled bags, pouches, sticks, and other flexible package types. What is the difference between mono-extrusion and co-extrusion? This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience. Perfect for both dry food packaging and liquid applications, our flexible packaging films and laminates create a layer of insulation that protects products when packaged. Dunmore is a global manufacturer of coated, laminated, and metallized packaging film. Stretch wrap is a strong, highly flexible film that can be stretched to take the shape of a product or products.

Our flexible packaging film includes roll stock foil laminates, multi-layer laminates, label face stock, barrier film, and lidding film. Forming or Non-Forming Printed Films Forming and non-forming films are available in a variety of structures from peelable to cook-in. Flexible film packaging is an on-trend solution for all your product applications.