Stormwater infiltration is the process by which rainfall and stormwater runoff flows into and through the subsurface soil. The discharge flowing in a river is the run-off from the basins drained by that river. Factors that influence bridge deck stormwater runoff quality include the location of the bridge, dimensions of the bridge deck, composition of the road surface, age of the bridge, design and maintenance of the drainage system, traffic volume, and intensity and frequency of rainfall events.

Factors affecting the performance of stormwater treatment wetlands. Factors affecting the performance of stormwater treatment wetlands. A variety of physical & human factors affect runoff (the flow of water over the Earth’s surface). Run-Off and Factors Affecting It | Hydrology | Irrigation Engineering. ... Data from 35 studies on 49 wetland systems used to treat stormwater runoff or runoff-impacted surface waters were examined and compared in order to identify any obvious trends that may aid future stormwater treatment wetland design efforts. B. Physiographical Factors. Precipitation : The runoff is clearly a function of precipitation, its intensity, its duration and its coverage. Factor # 4. These are summarised below. Surface runoff can cause erosion of the Earth's surface; eroded material may be deposited a considerable distance away.

stormwater) is mainly affected by the following factors: l) Shape And Size of The Catchment Ares. Thus, it is seen that the runoff retention performance of the green r oof depends on many factors, and its contribution to the retention of stormwater runoff cannot be underestimated. Hope you can understand Ruoff, effect of runoff and factors affecting runoff water.If you want you to read more civil engineering topics go to our site home section. 1.Types of Precipitation: It has great effect on the runoff.

Size and Shape of the Catchment Area : Factor # 3. Read this article to learn about the definition of peak flow and factors affecting it. Suppose an outlet of the catchment located at the terminal is under consideration. 2.1 Factors Affecting Stormwater Management Stormwater runoff is a natural part of the hydrologic cycle.
as surface or sub-surface flow. There are four main types of soil erosion by water : splash erosion, sheet erosion, rill erosion and gully erosion.

However, The curve number method was developed by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, which was formerly called the Soil Conservation Service or SCS — the number is still popularly known as a "SCS runoff curve number" in the literature. Several interrelated factors that control the infiltration of stormwater into the soil/subsurface are described below.