Rather than make my emergency fund 20% larger than it needs to be to offset the risk (yes, 20% for a 40/60 allocation, not 10% or 12%), I just invest extra money that isn't needed in a taxable account in stocks, and keep my emergency money in the bank in savings and CDs. Keeping emergency fund in mortgage offset account. First, you need to check with your lender that your mortgage allows extra repayments and has a redraw facility or an offset account. Yet there are too many people in Australia who have no savings at all, let alone an emergency fund.

It’s not a chunk of money for planned everyday expenses or a holiday you want to take (that’s what your savings account is for), so you shouldn’t touch it until you need it.
That way, not only are you putting money away for a rainy day but you are also saving money on your home loan’s interest payments. Utilize Your Offset Account If you have a home loan with an offset account, why not use it as an emergency fund?

6 Reasons To Start A Sinking Fund Now.

All you need to do is a little bit of prep work. There are, however, a few practicalities that you need to consider. Your emergency fund is just that – a safety net. When I first started my emergency fund, I went with a mix of my checking account and an online high-yield savings account with Capital One 360. It's important to understand that I started by building an emergency fund in a more traditional manner.

Additionally, we fine-tuned our search to present you with a few recommendations for the best banks to trust with your emergency funds. Close.

Regardless of your age or occupation, a major part of financial responsibility is setting up an emergency fund . You want to get your emergency fund set up as soon as possible, but like with all savings, it’s best to keep to what you can afford and make sure to save regularly. 13. Your extra repayments transform into your emergency fund in the event of an emergency. Yes I do use my offset account as my emergency fund, it is a no-brainer and you will be very hard pressed (if not impossible) to find a better return in a cash-like liquid product or a safer place for your savings with that level of risk - however - these are very unusual times in the world. To help avoid temptation of dipping into it, you could create a specific account for your emergency fund.

An Emergency Fund in Mutual Funds May Be Too Risky Another reason that you do not want to put your emergency fund in mutual funds is that there is too much risk associated with the stock market and mutual funds for something that could be used at any moment.