Be sure to specify the information you want on your dog's brass nameplate. This collar combo is sized for dogs, not recommended for cats. These engraved nameplate and rivet on dog tags are perfect for any dog that needs an updated built-in dog tag with personalized information for their dog collar. These can be easily applied to most dog collar materials and are a perfect alternative to hanging dog tags.

Shop a range of dog tags including stainless steel tags, ID tags, glitter tags and more.

With a variety of engraved dog tags, sports team dog tags & more, you'll find a match for your pup.

Some silencers are made to fit specific tags while others are made to fit multiple shapes and sizes, hopefully you can find one that fits your dog… A dog tag allows you to take all your primary contact info and keep it with your pet at all times. FREE shipping!

Absolutely No Sales Tax No Shipping Charges … With our selection of dogs tags, you can also add a beautiful piece of jewellery to your pet's collar at the same time.

Where do I buy an engraved tag (attached with rivets) for a collar? Dog Tag Silencers are a soft rubber-like material that is made to fit over your dog’s existing tags and acts as a buffer between multiple tags to reduce noise. You'll find top-rated pet food, certified groomers, and complete veterinary care. Bulk Pricing. Now Available in 3 Sizes! Use these dog tags & cat tags - you will love them or your money back.

The noise can be annoying, especially when your pet is active at night, or if there's a baby in the house who is being awakened whenever your pet moves. Most people wear their dogtags with a long and short stainless steel ballchain as per military tradition. There are also 10 different fun and unique color options …

Shop Petco's custom dog ID tags to ensure your pup's safety. Keep in mind that the more text on the tag, the smaller the engraving will be. Provide the best for your cat or dog with help from Ace. Buy your dog's collar from Gun Dog Supply and you'll get a free 4 line machine stamped brass name plate for your pet. Choose from traditional dog bones or hearts as well as nameplates and emoji dog tags. About Pet Supplies. Each of these dog tags come with a free engraving and a 100% lifetime guarantee.

• Dimensions: 11/32" wide by 1 & 9/16" long • A max of 3 lines of engraving is available on size Small See Spike's Tag pictured below! Wishlist Create Wishlist i Required. The circle and mini dog tag are the perfect ID tags for luggage, backpacks, or anything else you wouldn't want to lose.

Two Piece Rivet. pet tags, dog tags, pet id tags, dog id tags, pet identification tags, dog identification tags, id tags, pet name tags, dog name tags, pet id, cat id tags, cat tags, cat name tags, pet supplies. $0.40 It takes up to 2 business days to ship your rivets. The dog tag and the paw tag are the largest, so they may not be suitable for very small pets. Medium • Fits great on dog collars that are 5/8" or 3/4" wide and no more …

Many unique pet tag styles all custom engraved with your pet's ID.

These durable and permanent rivet-on dog tags are ideal ideal for dogs that are rough on stuff! However we have fasteners for many other uses such as identification for pets, keychains, luggage, mailboxes, belongings, and whatever else you can come up with! Tag info should include one or more phone numbers with area codes … Welcome to's Dog Tags in Pet Supplies page. Buy 10 - 49 and get 10% off Buy 50 or above and get 20% off Quantity — + Add To Cart Share This.

Boomerang Pet Tags - our CollarTags are guaranteed to last the life of your pet. Quantity 1 = 1 cap and 1 post; Easy to Install; Available in Solid Brass or Nickel Plated Brass; Non-Corrosive ; Color Required.

Personalize an ID tag and protect your pet stylishly with important information printed on the tag. With a wide range of customizable name tags to choose from, you can have their name engraved on the ID. If you're a dog owner, you're familiar with the sound of dog collar tags jangling as your pet walks or runs around or shakes off.Cats with tags also sometimes make a jingling or tinkling sound as they move around. For added safety during night walks, find glow in the dark or …

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We offer leashes and collars great for walking your dog and burning excess energy and a variety of grooming tools to keep your pet manicured and looking their best. Each tag style can have up to 6 lines of engraving. Featuring an adjustable nylon collar with a quick release (not breakaway) buckle, and a metal tag that is attached permanently with matching rivets to lay flat against the collar. This enables everyone, from neighbours to good samaritans, to contact you easily for a blissful reunion as soon as possible. PetSmart offers quality products and accessories for a healthier, happier pet.

The tag doesn't necessarily have to be attached with rivets, but that's the only design that I … Pet ownership requires ongoing maintenance and the right pet products to fit your pet's needs. We also pay the tax! Shop our wide selection of personalized pet tags for dogs and cats. Microchip Dog Tag, Custom Dog Tag, Microchipped, Pet Tag, Dog ID Tag, Dog Collar, Puppy Tag, Personalized Dog Tag, Pet Gifts, Customized Tag TheSaltyHut.