In a food processor, pulse together softened butter, almond paste and sugar until it smooths out. Other recipes turned out dry or just too dense or with hardly any flavor at all.But, finally, with this Almond Pound Cake recipe, I hit the jackpot. I know the picture below only shows two tins. Bake the cakes in three square tins of varying sizes. Mix together the almond/butter mixture with 6 eggs, and then fold in sifted cake flour. Almond cake has been around longer than box mix, so why wouldn’t the majority of the options be for an almond cake recipe without box mix? I too, am perplexed. It’s an easy recipe to make and a delicious cake to eat. The moist dense texture and not-too-sweet almond flavor make it a delightful afternoon pick-me-up or tea party treat. This pound cake is moist, dense like a pound cake should be but not super heavy, and so flavorful. While other coffee cakes are airy with a crumb topping, Swedish Almond Cake is closer to a cookie in texture and crusted with sugared almonds.