What to Do About Newly Planted Tree Leaves Wilting, Turning Yellow or Browning Cherry trees are a … and some plums (Prunus spp.). Yellowing leaves that drop prematurely are an unsettling sign that something is amiss with your cherry tree. Or scratch a spot on the twig with your fingertip or a pocket knife. Leaf curl is typically a late sign of an advanced infestation, either from an insect pest or a fungal infection. Cherry blackfly overwinters on the tree as eggs, from which wingless aphids hatch in spring as the foliage develops; Winged forms appear in June-July, and these migrate to wild flowers known as bedstraws, Galium species Infestations on cherries gradually die out during July, but damaged leaves remain visible for the rest of the summer Cherry trees, both sour and sweet varieties, are subject to a number of pests that can cause the leaves of the tree to curl, in many cases causing the tree to die prematurely. If the layer immediately under the bark is moist and bright green, the tree’s alive. Live tree twigs are nimble, so they’re flexible, bendable and much harder to break. Love is the essence of life. I have several dwarf cherry trees in containers. The brown areas are hard and crispy they fall off the tree easily. The symptoms differ slightly but the treatment remains the same. Leaf Curl Disease in Cherry Trees. Now all the leaves are browning and curling up. When most of the leaves on your cherry tree turn brown before autumn, your tree almost certainly has a fungal infection. Biology. The leaves curls also, and not because of leaf curl, but as a protection /first defense to conserve moisture. Zone 5b (Ontario) my cherry tree's cherries this year all rotted and die from what I believe is/was "blue mold rot". Cherry Tree Leaves Are Turning Yellow & Falling Off. Cherry leaf curl is a fungal infection that affects cherry tree species (Prunus spp.) The two most common are cherry leaf scorch and cherry leaf spot. * * * * Amor est vitae essentia.