Best Commander Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms. They will all work great with Pelagius. Cao Cao is great for any phase of the game, from early to late game. However I’ve already been focusing on maxing out Pelagius and belasarius for my cavalry army. The 2nd skill is for barbarians so it is useless in PvP. Belisarius ó Cao Cao: Use cavalry or mix troop. 1 minute ago.

Cao 5411 does a huge 1400 dd, 40% Attack reduction. Like you can pair him with Minamoto, G.khan or Cao Cao. - This Guide will be more for Cao Cao , Again we focus on moving speed here because that is the goal for having a full cavalry set up.Use Cao Cao as a Primary commander is the best option. High mobility – Medium to High damage, anti archer.
Pelagius and Belisarus vs Mina and Cao Cao. Saladin. How to download all commanders in the game Rise of Kingdoms. Only downside is that you'll have to spend real money to upgrade their skills. He has everything that’s good for Cavs. For fast march speed pair Cao Cao … Pelagius ⇄ Minamoto Pure Cavalry.

In the early game, Cao Cao + Minamoto is one of the best combos for raiding people farming.

Baibars: You can interchange them … Minamoto. Support. Haha, thank you. He has a killer nuke, he adds a ton of attack damage because of his expertise as well as another skill on his skill line, he adds plus attack and March speed on his third skill I believe. You can kill tons of people using this combo. Pelagius ⇄ Belisarius Pure Cavalry. Pelagius ⇄ Dragon Lancer Pure Cavalry. Semi Support. Pelagius … Unlike the other epic cavalry commanders, which are better in nuking, Belisarius can be considered a pure cavalry commander because his skills and talents significantly boost cavalry’s stats. Posted by 4 days ago. What talents and abilities to swing the hero Cao Cao. Pelagius ó Belisarius: This pair use cavalry or mix troop and this pair is the best cavalry hero commander for PvP. Cao Cao is mobile.

Trong vai trò support, Belisarius kết hợp tốt nhất với các tướng: Richard, Hannibal, El Cid, Cao Cao, Boudica, Joan, Hermann, Pelagius, Eulji và Cleopatra.
Pelagius ⇄ Cao Cao Pure Cavalry. Attacker Infantry = 7:01 - This set up is great for F2p having mix type of troops in this build. Not just because he looks freaking awesome! Kill the high damage enemy armies first! The best Cao Cao pairs for field battles are Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Pelagius, and Baibars. CAO CAO can be paid with any cavalry commander.

Support. The 3rd …

In short, Pelagius will provide stats and healing and his pair will provide nice nuke damage. A semi support is a cross between a fighting pair and a supporting pair.

Possibily many of them will delete the game because of getting bullied a lot.

More posts from the RiseofKingdoms community. He has similar talent trees like the legendary commander Cao Cao.