Kid Buu absorb Grand Supreme Kai in Buu's Fury. Naturon Shenron used his absorption technique to absorb a mole. ... Super Buu (Gohan absorbed) absorb Vegito in Buu's Fury.

27 Ratings. 109. User Info: Sloth9230. Much more powerful, specially if Vegito fusion had not been undone once inside Buu. He has enough time to land the absorption. 4:56. Evil Buu Absorbs Majin Buu | Evil Boo VS Boo "BT3 MOD" Lowell Elzy . Vegito also has a concern for others and tendency to do the right thing, which is a trait he took from Goku. Super Vegito pummels Super Buu (w/ Gohan absorbed) Inside Buu, Goku and Vegeta cause him indigestion. Cell absorbing Android 17 in Budokai Tenkaichi 3. DragonBall Z - Super Buu Gohan Absorbed VS Kid Buu. Characters Moveset Skills.

OP's photo implies that even if Vegito did get absorbed successfully and integrated into Buu, Vegito would still have a counter measure and be able to stop and or injure Buu even after being absorbed, thats why you see in the photo his Super Saiyan Aura is damaging and causing rips in Buu's skin and Buu seems absolutely shocked and stunned as to why this is happening and how this is possible. as seen when he used his cockiness to make Buu absorb him. Super Saiyan Vegito vs Majin Buu, Vegito's overwhelming power, Vegito is absorbed by Buu (Eng Dub) Buu has trapped Vegito and now he's the strongest in the entire World, maybe only Beerus can stop him. unless he loses . chevron_right Buugito (Super Buu Vegito absorbed) descriptionDescription. MuglorGrimlock. If you enjoy this mod and want to support me, please consider giving my youtube a subscribe it helps me make more mods, if so Click Here if you are a youtuber who is reviewing this mod, please do 2 things, firstly credit me and link my Youtube found above and secondly please post a link to your video in the comments, many thanks. Nov 22, 2011.

Forum Posts. A Valiant Vain … Cell absorb Android 17 in Raging Blast 2. Buugito (Super Buu Vegito absorbed) Mods chevron_right. I think with vegito absorbed, he would be in GT power level territory. He was stronger than Goku and Vegeta when they were unfused as mystic Gohan. Followers. Super Buu (vegito absorbed) vs Hit (pre-improvement) Dragon Ball - General This is a split board ... Super Buu absorbs vegito successfully and is now unopposed on Earth. Bluugito would win! Wiki Points.

Cell absorbing Android 18 in Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Follow 951. Before being absorbed, he had set up a barrier, so he wouldn't be integrated into, as Vegito called it, "Buu Goo." Semi-Perfect Cell absorbs Mecha Frieza in Supersonic Warriors 2. Reply. Dragon ball z the end Super Saiyan Vegito vs Majin Buu, Vegito's overwhelming power, Vegito is absorbed by Buu (Eng Dub) dragon Ball Z dragon Ball Z … But still, even without it, he was way more powerful than SSJ3. Super Buu punched by Vegito, and a giant energy orb (with the intent of destroying the planet, also used exclusively in the anime) were completely unsuccessful, and he attempted to use his voice to tear through the fabric of the dimensions, but was foiled by Vegito (this was the only real difficulty Vegito had against him, another addition to the anime). Uploader 9_Diafe; ModderDiafe; Mod Version1; Views4033; Downloads2117; Size4.66 … Powers SSJ Goku And SSJ Vegeta vs Super Buu(Gohan Absorbed…

They begin fighting and both realize that these are not their friends and family. Super Buu vs. Vegito (with a twist) DeAnnunaki. Unknown to Super Buu, however, Vegito could have effortlessly destroyed him at any given moment, yet he toyed around with him. My FC is 4957-4763-9094 (Pokemon Sun) PS3: hellfighter45 Current: D3:UE, Xenoverse 1 PS VITA/PS4: hellfighter44 Current: Digimon Cyber , DB Xenoverse 2.

1:18. After easily claiming victory over Super Buu, Vegito prepares to raise his Saiyan Shield in order to protect himself from Super Buu's absorption so he can rescue his friends and family from Super Buu's grotesque insides. Reviews: 0 ... An example is the ability to absorb a person's soul.

He makes Earth his home base of sorts and goes on a God of Destruction esque rampage throughout the Universe destroying.

Sloth9230 2 years ago #12. While watching the fight in … RFC22 2 years ago #11. 0. super buu vegito absorbed .

The battle was over with Super Buu coming out as the victor. Vegito while Super Buu attempts to absorb him.


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