Being a fusion of healthcare and engineering, the two areas of ... • Phoebe Ong, Mindef HQ • Qi Wenjing, Land Transport Authority • Sum Kok Hao, Credit Suisse • Teo Chun Hoe, KPMG • Willy Ling Zi Yuan, DBS • Xia Haina, Web Professional House • Xie Jianlong, ST Electronics Class of 2012. Our Bachelor of Business programme is a rigorous and broad-based three-year direct honours programme that will help you gain a global perspective and critical and analytical skills.

Bachelor of Bioengineering; BIE Career Prospects; BIE Career Prospects . Here’s a quick look at why the future looks promising for those with health and biomed training. Students are introduced to regulatory affairs as early as the 1st year, exposing them to commercialisation processes and arranging hospital attachments so that they will interact with clinicians to understand medical device implementations and patient care. Bachelor of Bioengineering; BIE Career Prospects; BIE Career Prospects. Our faculty members, who come from different parts of the world, form a vibrant intellectual community. Career Prospects Be in a Position to Mould and Shape the Future of the Infocomm and Digital Age!
Students are required to complete a total of 170 credit units ( cu), inclusive of 10 cu of SUSS core courses. Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is a confluence of chemistry, physics, biology and engineering mathematics. A BME education trains engineers who can analyse multidisciplinary problems from the engineering, biological and medical … In the recent five years, Singapore has invested approximately S$2 billion in biomedical industry and institutions. I don't know much about non-academic or -research sectors, but speaking from my personal experience, I got an offer quite early as a research assistant (RA) at School of Materials Science and Eng. Pick your course from the list of major and minor programmes. But it sucks to know that no matter what you do, you will always be below-average or average. As a result they are not specialized in any of the field.

To help you to become a bioengineer of the future, we work closely with industry to ensure you are as well-prepared as possible for a career in this exciting and rewarding industry. Biomedical engineering is a very diverse field which is also developing rapidly. This growth has been driven by the medical challenges brought by aging populations, the need for new treatments for chronic conditions such as osteo-arthritis, or diabetes and cardiovascular disease and the need to respond rapidly to new disease challenges as they arise. Graduates who can understand both languages of engineering … Also known as: Bio-Mechanical Engineer, Biochemical Engineer, Biomaterials Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Dialysis Engineer, Genetic Engineer The overall job outlook for Biomedical Engineer careers has been positive since 2004. The prospect of biomedical engineers in industry are quite bad. Here, you will master the basic structure and properties of various materials and understand how they can be designed, processed and modified to enhance their performance to suit specific industry needs. At NTU, our faculty are passionate about research and committed to teaching. Career Prospects Armed with two honours degrees - B.Eng # and B.A. Biomedical engineering is one of the hottest fields right now, and the types of jobs in biomedical engineering pay some of the highest starting salaries you can currently get. Each year you'll take a combination of core modules to give you a solid grounding in engineering, specialist modules where you'll gain the specific skills needed for your particular subject area, and practical and project modules where you'll work on a … The discipline of Bioengineering has grown rapidly in universities around the world over the last 10-20 years. Because they know a bit of lifescience, bit of engineering and a bit of programming. Bachelor of Business. The School comprises two divisions: The Division of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Division of Bioengineering.