The eponymous rhythm section is rock solid providing the foundation on which these soft rock tunes with a bit of a bite come alive. "Bare Trees" is one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac albums. This is the one Fleetwood Mac album on which singer/guitarist Danny Kirwan is the dominant figure, writing five … Danny Kirwan, Bob Welch, and Christine McVie deliver a solid set of great songs end to end. Low-key but less narcoleptically mellow than 1971's sleepy Future Games, Bare Trees is a singer/songwriter album in the traditional early-'70s style, backed up with just enough musical muscle to keep from sounding like weedy soft rock in the manner of Bread or Cat Stevens. Bare Trees may lack the blues edge of the group's earlier albums and the manicured professionalism of Mac’s latter era but as a collection of songs it is worth anyone’s hard-earned cash.