See more. These meanings of “boot” are from a completely different origin than the type of boot you wear on your feet, the part of a car where you put luggage, and the saying “give someone the boot,” which means someone has been fired or kicked out. In real estate, boot might also come into play in a 1031 exchange .

This is also the root of the word 'better'. boot definition: 1. a type of shoe that covers the whole foot and the lower part of the leg: 2. a covered space at…. The boot is often taxable even in an otherwise tax-free transaction. Definition and synonyms of get the boot from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. 2003, this is an organization devoted to the propagation of pure awesome, in my face. in addition — see in addition. traduction boot dans le dictionnaire Anglais - Francais de Reverso, voir aussi 'boot up',boot camp',ankle boot',climbing boot', conjugaison, expressions idiomatiques The words of the acronym have long since been lost in the pages of history. A common example of a boot is a trade between a new car and an old car. Forms … One who is still stuck in boot camp mode. I get a real boot out of my grandchildren. "Boot" also has a legal meaning. (*Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) This is the British English definition of boot.View American English definition of boot. in addition, besides, also. Learn more. Example: "When I took my car for an oil change, the dealer washed and waxed it, to boot." | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples butte – a hill that has sloping sides and a flat top: He stood on the butte to survey the valley. This is also the root of the word 'better'. members (BOOTies) can often be spotted at Roscoe's, asking for the "Number 3, mah prease?" whilst consuming syrup shots. See more. What does to boot expression mean? I nearly got the boot yesterday. Boot definition: Boots are shoes that cover your whole foot and the lower part of your leg. This is the British English definition of get the boot.View American English definition of get the boot.. Change your default dictionary to American English. Synonyms . Not to be confused with: beaut – (informal) someone or something that is beautiful or amazing: His girlfriend is a beaut. View the pronunciation for boot. Boot definition, a covering of leather, rubber, or the like, for the foot and all or part of the leg. into the bargain; on top of that; Translations .

The person trading the old car will usually add money or another asset to the deal in order to make it "even." To boot definition, something given into the bargain. All those meanings … Boot definition is - deliverance. (proper noun)- Est. boot 1. n. a thrill; a charge. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. B.O.O.T. breaking down boot When you trade in an old car for a new model and add cash to the deal, the cash you pay is the boot.

(n)(v)Military term: 1. to boot definition: 1. in addition: 2. in addition: 3. also or in addition: . boot protective footgear covering the foot and part of the leg: Be sure to wear boots in the woods. In commercial law, it means something additional that the seller gives, something not required by the contract. boot 1 (bo͞ot) n. 1. A boot, plural boots, is a type of specific footwear.Most boots mainly cover the foot and the ankle, while some also cover some part of the lower calf.Some boots extend up the leg, sometimes as far as the knee or even the hip.Most boots have a heel that is clearly distinguishable from the rest of the sole, even if the two are made of one piece..