$13.72. Buyer beware; some on-line stores are selling imitation Iwata parts of questionable quality. Iwata Revolution HP-BCR • Internal mix airbrush • Ergonomic handle • Spray pattern from 1.5" down to fine lines • Larger nozzle and needle combination (.5mm) allows easier spraying of heavier, thicker paints. With breakthrough technology and performance, these airbrushes out-perform all other brands in their price range. After using the Iwata Revolution BCR for a while, I'm spoiled. Made for users at all levels, the Revolution Series features top-of the-line airbrushes at a great value. Regulating air and paint flow with the trigger is smoother as well. Iwata Revolution BCR Airbrush w/bottle assembly & hose: $131.75: $109.25: Iwata Revolution SAR Airbrush. • Redesigned trigger mechanism and larger needle chuck nut for easy assembly. So far, the Iwata has made airbrushing a joy again. We only sell 100% authentic Iwata products! Not us. Precisely machined, the nozzle performs to the highest standards and is designed for … $131.00. Iwata's precision made parts are thoroughly inspected and fit the Iwata airbrush models perfectly. Welcome to merriartist.com, the e-commerce website of The Merri Artist, Inc. We are an independent family owned art supply store in Mcminnville, Oregon. Iwata Eclipse HP BCS Dual Action Bottle Feed Brush ECL2001 Includes Brush, Hose, Cleaner, Paint 4.5 out of 5 stars 15. Welcome. With a larger needle capable of spraying the thicker mediums and large capacity quick-change bottles, this is one versatile workhorse of an airbrush that can tackle the lion's share of any project you throw at it. This is a .5 mm.

Revolution HP-SAR Parts View All All Iwata Revolution Replacement Parts CM-B CM-C+ CM-SB Eclipse Part Hi Line Part High Line Part HP Performance Parts HP+ Part HP-A+ HP-AH HP-AR HP-B+ HP-BC+ HP-BCR HP-BCS HP-BH HP-BR HP-BS HP-C+ HP-CH HP-CR HP-CS HP-SAR HP-SB+ HP-SBS HP-TH iwata iwata Replacement Parts Kustom CH Part Kustom CM Part Kustom CS Part … $96.00. Iwata Revolution Needle, Iwata Revolution Nozzle. Available Parts List for the Iwata Revolution Series HP-AR, HP-BR, HP-BCR, HP-CR ,HP …

It is easy to swap out bottles of specific colors quickly with siphon-feed airbrush model. Iwata-Medea Revolution CR Dual Action/Large Gravity Feed Cup 4.7 out of 5 stars 245.

Iwata Revolution HP-SAR Siphon Feed Single Action airbrush features a comfort handle and the single action delivery is easy-to-use, especially for beginners. Quality, Performance and ValueStart off airbrushing with the industry leader—Iwata. The Iwata Revolution BCR is a dual action, bottle-feed brush designed to provide general coverage requiring only moderate detail. The Revolution BCR is a bottle-feed, dual-action airbrush for general-use spraying. The design of the airbrush make cleaning the Iwata much easier than the Badger. It makes this airbrush the ideal airbrush for T-shirt painting, model-railroad landscapes or R/C car bodies, airplane nozzle for Iwata Revolution series BCR and CR model airbrushes. Buyer beware; some on-line stores are selling imitation Iwata parts of questionable quality.

Iwata-Medea Quick Disconnect Set 4.7 out of 5 stars 267.