Highly concentrated multi-purpose liquid Flavor Concentrates are water-based, high heat stable up to 400⁰ F for long durations making them ideal for baking and other high heat applications. Flavorah is food grade flavoring made from GRAS compounds. USAGE: Starting usages should be 1% to 5%. Natural fruits, roots, and vegetables make up each flavor, each color, and each scent of our entire library of natural products.

For manufacturers requiring large quantities, we supply up to and including 55 gallon drums. About Flavor Concentrates. We provide you with the best flavor concentrates for your DIY ejuice, baking, candy and other culinary needs.

Most flavors are completely clear! These flavor concentrates will satisfy any taste bud craving! Great in any hot or cold water-based application. Choose from candy flavors, chocolate flavors, dessert flavor extracts, and more. For beverage flavoring, we have drink flavors, and milk and cream flavors.

Our standard flavors are water soluble and alcohol free which makes them compatible with most applications. Don’t forget to peruse our additives and spices flavoring. It is 100% tobacco and nicotine free, and used by manufacturers and mixers to make the highest quality flavor profiles in over 55 countries. Great for dairy products, baked goods, beverages, and more.

For more simulated smoking flavoring, you can find Mint and Menthol Flavors, along with tobacco flavor extracts. NATURAL FLAVOR CONCENTRATE We craft each of our natural flavor concentrates with real plant-based ingredients. Thai flavor supply with many different flavors from some of the best and most popular food flavoring concentrate brands in the world. If you need it, we have it. Natural Flavoring Done Right. As with our liquid flavor concentrates, it will require a bit of experimentation and practice to get the results you are looking for. Flavor not listed? FLAVOR CONCENTRATES Nature's Flavors' Flavor Concentrates are made from the finest ingredients available. Flavor Concentrates Highest Potency and Quality, Made in the USA. Our flavorist, The Flavor Guy, travels the world to find the purest and most unique raw materials to bring you new and innovative all natural flavor concentrates. These flavor concentrates are a bit more forgiving, so it's less likely that you will over flavor your recipe on the first try. The Flavor Apprentice & Wonder Flavours are among the brands available.