Conclusion to Ways to Upcycle Old Clothes. This was a long winter, so it’s going to be great to shed some layers and show off some skin. T-Shirts are often made from a soft stretchy material. your own Pins on Pinterest

That’s why they are perfect for a project like this. Want some new looks in your wardrobe but don't have the budget to go buy new clothes right now? Perhaps that band T-shirt you loved last year is no longer something you would even wear?

Paint, bleach and cutting tutorials show you exactly how to get these awesome DIY looks yourself.

You can braid some of the scraps and decorate with a brooch or a leather on one side.

Find some old shirts and start making some unique new clothes! Just cut off the arms of the t-shirt, cut the sides, snip some small holes, and lace-up the sides with some braided string.

It’s so easy to collect the T-shirts, but it’s harder to get rid of them. T-Shirt To Halter Tunic Refashion | Transform your old t-shirt into this cute side ruched crop top. If you want to expand that a bit further, check out our post on how to recycle old T-shirts specifically, and use the clothes for things like purses and pillows.

Then make a heart shape at the back and cut that part off. Braided Basket Fun Ideas to Upcycle Old T-Shirts.

Whether you’re getting a jump start on spring cleaning or just casually sorting through your stash of clothes, tackling your t-shirt pile should make your inner DIY-er smile from ear to ear. 14 Cute DIYs To Make An Old Band T-Shirt Cool Again. The weird tan lines will totally be worth it.

How is it that all of your concert t-shirts are, like, XXXXXXL?

23 things to make from old t-shirts Today, I am tackling my kid’s wardrobes and culling their clothes right back to basics. No matter your reasoning for refashioning your clothes- I hope you have come up with some great ideas. How many of us have old T-shirts taking up space in our dressers? You can do amazing things with a simple T-shirt.

Select a few old t-shirts from your closet, a thrift store, or your Aunt Marcy's NASCAR t-shirt collection. If any or all of the above are true, we have the perfect list of DIY ideas for you, all using old T-shirts. Here it is, worn out T-shirt into uber-chic pillow: T… Cutting T-shirts and changing its look is an age-old trick that looks beautiful and stunning however you do it.

It’s almost summertime, and that means it’s time to get out your T-shirts! If you are all hearts for hearts then this DIY t-shirt cutting design is meant just for you. Follow the step by step tutorial with video instructions to do this beginner level t-shirt upcycle project.

Basically, the details are detachable and can be attached using sew-on snaps. Here are 55 ways to upcycle your old T-shirts ranging from no-sew ideas for T-shirts while some require the basic use of a sewing machine. absolutely fabulous! In order to make alterations to t-shirts without sewing, all you need is t-shirts that … DIY Network has instructions on how to make an easy, no-sew rag rug using old t-shirts.

... Old T-shirt scarf.

Maybe you love making crafts but don't have any money to buy DIY supplies today? You only need so many shirts to sleep in or do your dirty work in before it starts to look like you have a problem. You can check out this other post on t-shirt cutouts for 10 ideas like this and change the look of your old t-shirt from ordinary to stunning.. Refashion idea 2 Turn to off-shouldered top. In fact, we have over 50! 16. You may plan to throw out those worn out or torn shirts but first, take a look at these 25 creative ways to reuse them.

If you’re like me, you have so many clothes hanging in the closet that you never wear. If you end up trying one of these DIY ideas, definitely let us know how it went in the comments! This DIY clothes idea is great for upcycling old t-shirts into workout clothes. Speaking of which, maybe some of your old T-shirts just aren’t doing it for you anymore. Also, be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more DIY ideas. Like I said, the ways to repurpose old shirts seems to be pretty endless. January 30, 2014.

Dec 2, 2012 - I am slightly gitty about the ways that I have learned to take an old tee and turn it into something (or multiple things!)

I’ve been so very, very lucky to have received a lot of hand-me-downs for both of them over the years and I quite happily accept them.

Side Ruched Crop Top From T-Shirt.

Also, if you don’t get enough inspiration in this post check out 16 more cool things to do with old t-shirts. Keep your wardrobe trendy and up-to-date with the easy DIY no sew t-shirt refashion projects.